We Specialize In Getting You To Take Action and Help You Fulfill Your Life's Purpose.

You Have a HUGE Calling in Life and Believe in Network Marketing but…

  • Your FEAR stops you from taking consistent action
  • You believe in network marketing but life overwhelms you and you need someone to guide you  
  • You want to spend as much time with the kids and have errands to run and feel you just never have the time to make network marketing for you
  • When you do have a few moments of spare time, you find yourself distracted and never do the income producing activities that make money

You Attend Trainings and Do Tons of Personal Development, but You’re Stuck and Don’t Know how to excel

That’s Exactly What Inspired Us To Create This Special Community

If you’re stuck, it’s not your fault. 

There’s a ton of “training” out there, but you are busier than ever… 

Meanwhile, no one teaches the #1 key to success in this profession:

HOW to be Consistent in MLM

That’s what motivated us to create Purpose Driven Networkers.

There are 2 Ways to Go About Your MLM Business...

The Hard Way That Most People Do:

  • Not using a proven “checklist” of daily action items
  • No accountability partner to help you Stay Consistent  
  • Go through ENDLESS personal development (YouTube, audios, books, events) hoping get that gold nugget

The Right Way That Few Leaders Talk About:

  • Having a "checklist" of actions you should be doing throughout the day
  • Prospect together with other movers and shakers
  • A coach to help you stay consistent and accountable
  • Take Action and Implement what you already know instead of overwhelming yourself with more training

So, What Makes Purpose Driven Networkers Different?

We prospect together everyday, Creating A consistent Routine For You 

Meanwhile Giving You The Tools And Rewards To get results Going daily

And of course…

You’ll get access to plenty of video and audio trainings from Simon on how to build globally, online

However Purpose Driven Networkers is MORE than that…

This is the place where you will WORK to get consistent, and have fun in the process!

It’s the ONLY network marketing community where you get to prospect together with a top earner and other motivated distributors in a thriving community of like minded achievers

It’s also the ONLY group where you get your questions answered 24/7 - 365 days a year

No fluff and NO BS...

Just pure Action and Implementation to help you earn at least $1,000 a month.

Purpose Driven Networker Comparison Rankmakers, TGON, Ninja Networker, Social Impacter, Legacy Leadership

How can Purpose Driven Networker help you?

Prospect Together with Simon Chan

We help you become consistent by prospecting together with you in our exclusive GO DMO sessions. 

We know that it’s hard and often scary to prospect by yourself. That’s why we make it easy by prospecting together with you. (10 sessions a week)

These 15 min sessions are spread throughout the day so that you can work them around your life. Start showing up, and I'll help you get more done in less time and hold you accountable.  

Lesson Of The Day

Monday through Friday, you'll get a quick daily dose of insight from Simon. These lessons cover the latest strategies that top leaders are using, and will give you insight into the mind of a top earner. 

Plugging into this Daily Lesson, over time, will build your mental toughness so that you can go out and win your day. Consider this your daily mental vitamin. 

If you need help overcoming your current struggles and challenges, or just looking to crush your goals... we know you'll find tons of value with this benefit alone.

Have Your Questions Answered Immediately

With Daily Q&A, If you’re stuck or have questions, Simon is there to help you everyday in our private Facebook Group.  

This is place where you can reach out to Simon and also get any other questions answered (if they haven’t been answered already.)  Just post your question and Simon will personally get back to you.

Access To "Ultimate Online Duplication Library"

Having access to the Ultimate Online Duplication Video Library means you'll never have to buy another network marketing training ever again.

You’ll be able to learn from over 190+ short and effective video trainings on any topic you can probably imagine. If you're stuck in your business, jump in the vault and simply search our library for that one training that speak directly to your challenge.

These video trainings cover all topics from building your business on most social platforms to how to do effective home parties.

Meet Simon Chan

Hi, I’m Simon Chan and I’m a business coach, speaker and online marketer who helps people in network marketing defeat overwhelm, be consistent and create a successful MLM business online.

I got started in network marketing in 2003 and eventually built a 7 figure business with over 200,000 distributors, but it was very difficult for me in the first few months.

I had no consistency, discipline nor the skills to be successful and as a result I made $0.

My turning point was when I had someone that taught me how to be consistent and also check up on me every single day.  

I started small and eventually after 2 years I was able to go full time.

I retired from building in 2013 to be a full time coach and today I help distributors defeat overwhelm, be consistent and grow a successful MLM business online so that they can make a bigger impact in their communities.

If you’re stuck or overwhelmed, I understand how you feel cause I felt the same way. Being a father of 3 young boys and a talk, it’s often tough to balance being a good father, spouse and still have time to be consistent and build a successful business.  

But what I found is that if you have someone help you become consistent one step at a time and have a group of people to support you…

Consistency can happen!

And with Consistency and 24/7 support, you can be Successful.

Cause that is what happened to me.    

Today I’m blessed to be the host of the top network marketing podcast that has over 5 million downloads and running, MLM Nation. 

Outside of time with my family, I spend most of my time with my coaching clients and in the Insider community.

Simon Chan

If you're like me and need more examples...

Check Out The Results other Members Are Getting

When You Become a  Purpose Driven Networker 
you'll also get...

Bonus #1

Magnetic Leadership Factory

Premium Course

(Sold online for $197)

A Proven System for Acquiring and Developing the Qualities of THE Most Effective, Successful Leaders in Network Marketing. This program will give you all the information and tools you need to become the absolute best leader you can be for your team increasing your effectiveness exponentially.

Bonus #2

Inside The Mind Of a Top MLM Income Earner

(Sold online for $97)

It's all in the mindset! Get inside the mind of a top MLM income earner so you can learn and practice the EXACT thinking pattern that enables them to be successful so you can grow.

Bonus #3

The MLM Objections Handbook

(Sold online for $17)

The tips and strategies in this handbook helped me recruit over 80 reps a year for 5 straight years. With this handbook, you’ll be able to answer every objection confidently and no longer lose prospects from responding the wrong way.

Bonus #4

Super Comfy Purpose > Money  T-shirt

(For Lifetime Subscribers Only)



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  • Prospect Daily w/ Simon
  • Daily Video Lessons
  • Personal Q & A
  • Unlimited Access To The Ultimate Online Duplication Library
  • Unlimited Access To Our Private Community Of Action Takers

Strap in - Let's get to work!




  • Prospect Daily w/ Simon
  • Daily Video Lessons
  • Personal Q & A
  • Unlimited Access To The Ultimate Online Duplication Library
  • Unlimited Access To Our Private Community Of Action Takers
  • No Annoying Monthly Payments

28 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

My personal Guarantee: If You Prospect Together With Me (at least 5 times a week) and don’t get at least 1 new Customer, or 1 Distributor in the next 28 Days, I’ll refund 100% of Your Investment, no questions asked.