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So what happened after 90 days?  First, I got emotionally stable. Second is I formed new good habits. Third is I was able to speak to a lot more people more than ever.  And for things that they never thought I could do, I was able to do because Simon helped me really face my fear and help me get out of my comfort zone. 

And people have started to notice!  People are curious of what I'm doing and started asking me about my business.

Aileen Alfonso

Manila, Philippines 

The best thing about Simon is he makes you take action and I needed that.

I’ve bought so many courses in the past, so many programs, and I've just sat there, studying them. Studying will give you the knowledge, but it's not going to help you to thrive with your business. I needed someone to get me into action!

He showed me certain social media tasks that were absolutely phenomenal. Previously I'd be posting on Facebook and sending out friend requests, I'd be lucky if someone responded back to me. Having followed what Simon advised me, I’m getting now between 14 to 15 requests to be my friend and that's just simply from following the simple tasks that he gives you to follow.

Melanie Brown
United Kingdom

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