Get 1 on 1 Coaching 

so that you finally get the results you want

What I like best about Simon’s coaching is that he pinpoints every little detail and makes sure you use the right approach in every situation.

I used to struggle with my productivity, leadership and consistency in my business but I can say I improved a lot in these aspects after just three months of coaching with Simon.

I’m now mentally stronger, more confident, invite more people and have more presentations.  I was able to sign up quality prospects and turn them into business leaders through the guidance of Simon. 

Roices Naguit (Manila, Philippines)

I Will...

Show You Exactly What To Do

Hold You Accountable

Help You Grow Your Business Faster

I’m Simon Chan and my Purpose is to have a Positive Impact on as many lives as possible  

and this is how I’m going to get you to achieve better results by focusing on there 5 areas

Simon Chan Consistency

  • 1
    Online Branding
    I’ll help you with online content so that prospects will feel they know you, like you, trust you and buy from you.
  • 2
    Lead Generation
    I’ll teach you step by step on how to find good prospects for your business so that you’re not wasting time chasing the wrong people.
  • 3
    Your Presentation Skills
    I will help you record a personal video that you can send to your prospects.

    Afterwards, I will personally go over your presentation slide by slide so that you can get more people to join you.
  • 4
    I will guide you and also show you real life sales situations that you can adapt so that you get more people to signup.
  • 5
    Retention + Duplication
    I will help you create customized incentives and campaigns that will increase retention and duplication.

How Did Simon's Coaching Help You?

After my first coaching call with Simon, I saw changes in my business instantly.

What Simon does so well is he helps you identify just small shifts in your habits, small shifts in your systems, small shifts that can lead to big results.

Our international expansion would also not have been possible without Simon's coaching as well. We now have team growing in Taiwan, Asia, and also in Europe.

Since that first coaching call with Simon, I've added over 500 people to my downline. We've had more rank advancements than ever in my career in this industry.

Tyler Walter (Tampa, Florida)

The reason I decided to join Simon was not because I didn't know what to do, but it was more that I needed a kick in the butt to make me do those things… and Simon is known as the NO BS guy.

He has helped me so much with my branding and really understand who the person that I'm attracting into my business.

He's given me many ideas about social media, with Facebook groups and he's also helped me become a better leader for my team.

I've been involved with many different coaches, but for me, Simon has made a huge difference in my business and it is because he cuts all the fluff.

Charlotte Venter (Queensland, Australia)

6 Figure Earner

So what happened after 90 days?  First, I got emotionally stable. Second is I formed new good habits. Third is I was able to speak to a lot more people more than ever.  And for things that they never thought I could do, I was able to do because Simon helped me really face my fear and help me get out of my comfort zone. 

And people have started to notice!  People are curious of what I'm doing and started asking me about my business.

Aileen Alfonso (Manila, Philippines)

I got into network marketing just about a year ago.  I had no business background and no experience… three months ago I was just a terrible mess.  But with the help of Simon Chan, I was able to create a team, a team environment where people can grow and where people feel good and where people know they can do so much more. 

And for me as a leader, I became more consistent in sponsoring. It was a big win for my team because I went from sponsoring one to two people per month to sponsoring one to two people per week consistently all year.

I highly recommend mentally Simon Chan.  He has a lot of experience with other leaders in network marketing and knowledge in terms of doing the business in any area.  He's been a big help to my business.

Andrew Santiago (Calgary, Canada)

Full Time Leader

My favorite thing about Simon is that he is very direct. He does not say what you want to hear. He says what we need to hear and he does it in a loving and kind way because he’s gone through it all.

Cyndi Walter (Ohio)

Full time leader

What I like best about Simon’s coaching is that he pinpoints every little detail and makes sure you use the right approach in every situation.

I used to struggle with my productivity, leadership and consistency in my business but I can say I improved a lot in these aspects after just three months of coaching with Simon.

I’m now mentally stronger, more confident, invite more people and have more presentations.  I was able to sign up quality prospects and turn them into business leaders through the guidance of Simon. 

Roices Naguit (Manila, Philippines)

Full time leader

Get Ready to Be...

Kicked In The Butt!

as I hold you accountable everyday

Feel Happy Every Night

knowing that you finally worked the business the way you should

Get MORE Results than you've ever had

because I am there to guide you every single day on what to do

Get Signups and NEW Customers

that you never would have gotten

Are You Ready For This Change?!

How Did Simon's Coaching Help You?

I struggled with time management and wasn’t confident in helping my team become productive but I became a more confident leader because Simon is very good at giving you systems that are easy to follow.

I did have my highest income month of my whole career while Simon was coaching me. So that was pretty exciting. I highly recommend Simon.

Kirtley Freckleton (Hayden, Idaho)

Full time Leader

The best thing about Simon is he makes you take action and I needed that.  

I’ve bought so many courses in the past, so many programs, and I've just sat there, studying them. Studying will give you the knowledge, but it's not going to help you to thrive with your business.  I needed someone to get me into action!

He showed me certain social media tasks that were absolutely phenomenal.  Previously I'd be posting on Facebook and sending out friend requests, I'd be lucky if someone responded back to me.  Having followed what Simon advised me, I’m getting now between 14 to 15 requests to be my friend and that's just simply from following the simple tasks that he gives you to follow.

Melanie Brown

United Kingdom

I have been in network marketing for 4 years and I attended a lot of trainings before but I didn't get much growth.

Initially I was scared because I knew Simon would force me outside my comfort zone. But during the coaching, I was happy that I invested in myself because my confidence really grew.

My network and my organization also increased.

Queenie Lim (Singapore)

What I like the most from Simon’s coaching is the simplicity. He understands your situation and gives you a system system and structure that creates results.

Javier De Miguel Col (Mallorca, Spain)

6 Figure Earner

It took Simon to make me realize how bad ass I actually really was because I was putting everything and everyone in front of me and not giving me the credit that I deserved.  He boosted my skills and increased my confidence to talk to people (such as those on my chicken list) that I used to be scared to approach.

So how are you going to do that on your own?  You have to have someone guide you; someone who has walked the walk and talk the talk.  If you're thinking of joining Simon and applying for his one-on-one coaching, I’d say do it.

Thao Lan

Boston, Massachusetts

1 on 1 coaching with Simon has been amazing.

What makes Simon brilliant is that he just gets straight to the point and he can see where the problem is immediately.

Whenever you've got a question, he's one message away. He gets straight back to you and that's been amazing for me in terms of support and not feeling like I'm out there on my own,

As a result, I've got three way call set, I’ve added more business partners into my team and I’ve had the most amount of product orders that I've had in years.

Chloe Myers (London, UK)

Full Time Leader

We specifically got the most value from Simon's mentoring is we hired him as a coach.

The insight that we got from Simon made us a whole lot more money and we were over $20,000 in revenue.

Adam and Michelle Carey (Coeur d'Alene, Idaho)

Simon was just always very very helpful.  No matter what it was, I could reach out at any time.  If I had a question he would answer it quickly and just very thoroughly.  I found the experience to be absolutely fantastic

Dean Friedland (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)

1 on 1 Coaching with Simon Chan has been amazing.

I had no idea when I went into this masterclass that it would produce such amazing results; six new reps in a short amount of time.

You also get accountability.

Dushawn Hausley

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Simon has helped my business and personal life so much. He’s help me brand myself online on social media and especially Facebook and Facebook advertising. He also helped me launch my brand and launch my website.

His marketing techniques also helped us earn an extra $100,000 in profits.

Hassan Ilyas (Los Angelas, California)

Before coaching with Simon, I had a lack of self belief, poor time management and no structure in my business. Simon helped me in all 3 areas and especially with my self belief and I am proud to say that I no longer feel lost. He has given me the most clarity that I’ve ever had in my business.

The best part of coaching with Simon is the daily accountability. He forced me outside my comfort zone and helped me grow as a person. Coaching with Simon has honestly been the best investment in myself.

Catherine Murray (Ireland)

The results I got with Simon were amazing. I rank advanced.

I built a team. He helped change my mindset and I tripled my prospecting activity

What I liked best about Simon's coaching is that he's so relatable. He's like a regular person.  He answers you back. When you ask him a question, he cares about you.  He cares about your business, and that is a huge plus about it. I would highly recommend Simon to anybody.

April Macias (Clovis, California)

Simon is very direct and very very thorough. He looked into every single detail that requires improvement and he provided me all the materials, references and trainings that I needed to become a better person and leader.

I was able to sign up more customers and team members in 3 months than in my previous 12 months.

Chelo Taylo

London, United Kingdom

Meet Your Coach

Simon Chan is an Amazon best selling author, Consistency Coach and speaker who coaches salespeople and entrepreneurs on how to defeat overwhelm, stay consistent and build a successful business online.

Simon is best known as the host of MLM Nation Podcast; the #1 network marketing podcast that features in depth interviews with over 800 top income earners.

Simon started in network marketing in 2003 and built a million dollar business with over 200,000 distributors by pioneering Online Duplication. 

He retired from building in 2013 to be a full time business coach

Simon Chan network marketing coach

Who is 1 on 1 Coaching For?

This is for you if...

  • You're 100% committed and want someone to push you
  • You want to grow faster and learn the shortcuts instead of trying to figure things out yourself
  • You know social media is important but don't know the exact strategies on how to build online
  • You have a team but don't know how to motivate them and get going 

This is NOT for you if...

  • You're not 100% committed to your business
  • You're NOT coachable and don't like immediate feedback
  • You don't like me to check in with you everyday and hold you accountable
  • You see this as an expense and don't consider it as an investment that will continue to pay you for years to come

"Last Year I earned 4 times more!.. Simon helped me quadruple my income"

Got Questions?

Is This Really 1 on 1 Coaching and How Much Access Do I Get?

How Long does this 1 On 1 Coaching Last?

How does Simon Hold Me Accountable?

"I’ve known Simon for quite a few years and I can tell you this guy is just amazing. 

He’s an amazing marketer, an amazing trainer, an amazing coach, and he’s someone who really lifts the profession of network marketing.

So if you’re looking to learn from someone, Simon is an excellent resource."

Ray Higdon

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