Let's Work Together and Get Results

I will CREATE social media content for you,

PROSPECT with You 


You'll Get At Least  5 Interested Prospects

BYOB is NOT another training event

where you take tons of notes that

you never have time to implement.



I will show you what to do

and then we do it TOGETHER on Zoom.

Get Results You've Never Had Before

"At BYOB I was the most productive I’ve been than in the entire 7 months I’ve been in network marketing. I was able to send out more invitations, more followups and add more friends online."  (Melissa Wong) 

Don't Know What To Post On Social Media?

You don't have to worry about that because

I'll personally create 10 social media post for you

that will get you new people to talk to.

In fact, it's going to be a TON of fun as

I create and help you fill out a Content Calendar for you,

just like these 2 below that  I recently did for attendees

Content Calendar for Network Marketing
Content Calendar for Network Marketing

Not Sure What to Say To Prospects?

I will prospect together with you 

tell you word for word what to say...

and you'll get people responding back to you! 

network marketing event

Or Perhaps Fear STOPS You?!

I will be with you during the workshop to push you

and encourage you so that nothing stops you

Why Does BYOB Workshop Get You Results?

You're human and like most people

we work better when we do things together.

It's a simple truth.

"BYOB is a game changer… With BYOB, you’re doing 3 hours of massive action. You’re growing your friends list, connecting with real people… you’re sending out video presentations…

The best part is you have Simon right there answering questions. If you don’t feel confident answering a prospect’s questions, Simon is there with you the whole time and will tell you what to say"(Myesha Knibbs)

Can I ask you a question?

Does Your Fear Of Saying the Wrong Things or Your Lack Of Time Hold You Back From Building Your Network Marketing Business Online?

You love your products and believe in network marketing but somehow you struggle with consistency and never have enough time to focus on the income producing activities that’ll bring you new customers or new distributors.

And that’s not cool…

You also want your family and friends to take what you do seriously.

You want to have a positive impact in this world through your business.

And you want to prove to yourself that you can be successful.

But none of that seems to be happening for you right now...

And it’s frustrating, to say the least.

And especially so, since you’ve invested a lot of time and money into trainings to learn how this business works.

We've been there, and the great news is... you're so close! But what's missing?

There's no one that actually holds your hand and guides you to do what you need to do!

But you no longer have to worry about that because...

I Will Create Social Media Content For You, 
Prospect Together with You and 
Get You Interested Prospects

  • You’ll follow this simple template and create a social media post that will give you new leads
  • You’ll have the courage to step outside your comfort zone as I guide you on exactly what to say
  • You’ll adopt time management hacks on your phone that'll help you get more results in an hour than you’ve done in the last 6 months. 
  • You’ll meet at least 10 new prospects online 
  • Friends that you haven’t heard from in months will message you back and become interested
  • You’ll experience “Real Learning” as you learn more from the actual conversations that I will guide you through
  • You’ll be proud to show the results that you have at the end of the day
  • You’ll be fulfilled knowing that you can actually make the business work

My Background

I've been in the network marketing profession since 2003 and built a 7 figure business with over 200,000 distributors.  

I retired from building in 2013 and became a full time trainer because I wanted to pursue a different purpose; to have a positive impact on as many lives as possible.   

MLM has given me so much and I want to help others achieve what is possible.

I believe everyone can earn a part time income in network marketing and my mission is to help 1000 network marketers earn at least $1,000 a month.

What you learn from me is not just from my experience but from the combined knowledge of over 600 top leaders who I've talked to.

But teaching you is NOT enough.

We all know there is “too much training” out there right now.

If more training was the answer, then you’ll be successful already.

Results and “real learning” comes from taking action and that is what makes my BYOB Online Workshop so special…

At this 3 hour LIVE online event, I create content and prospect TOGETHER with you to make sure you are attracting the right people and saying the right things to interested prospects.

It's like having a trainer next to you showing you what to do and pushing you to do your best at the gym. 

You’re not just going to sit there and listen and take notes...

Instead, you’ll have your phone out and message prospects together with me.

If you’re stuck…

No worries. 

I will be right there to guide you on what to say and what to do next.

We'll be prospecting together and... it's actually tons of fun!!

And yes… 

You’ll also actually “learn” more than you ever have by the real-time prospecting that I will do together with you.

As for results?

We typically have attendees get more results just from the morning session than they have in the last 6 months!

Simon Chan

Network Marketing Coach

But here’s the catch...

Because I will actually be prospecting TOGETHER with you, space is limited.

In fact, there are very limited tickets available (less than 50 per date).

We want to keep the group small. 

What this means for you is that, if you want to get results NOW

then you have to take fast action fast

and register before the date sells out.

What Others Are Saying About BYOB

“In the last half hour, I’ve sent out so many messages and followups. And I’m not joking, I’ve had today more people asking me about my business in one day than I’ve had in over a year and a half!” (Emma Romano)

Pick Your Date

  • Nov 10: 10am-1pm USA EST 
  • Dec 15: 10am-1pm USA EST
  • Jan 26: 8pm-11pm USA EST
  • Feb 23: 8pm-11pm USA EST
  • Mar 22: 8pm-11pm USA EST
  • Apr 19: 8pm-11pm USA EST 
  • ALL 6 DATES   ( SAVE 58% )

Friday - Nov. 10


10am - 1pm USA EST

10pm - 1am (Manila - Nov 10)
1am - 4am (Sydney - Nov 11)
2pm - 5pm (London - Nov 10)
4pm - 7pm (Johannesburg - Nov 10)

Tap HERE to convert to your local time/date

Only $40 $25

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My Promise To You…

Overcoming procrastination and fear are difficult when you’re home prospecting by yourself.

That’s why you need someone like me to help you create content and prospect.

When you work together with me, you’ll get results.

You’ll know exactly what to post,

You'll know the exact words to say 

and get the push from me to do what it takes to be successful.

And during this process, you experience “real learning”

from taking action and prospecting together with me.

I've had so many success stories at our events that I know you’ll be getting results too.

In fact, I promise that, by the end of the event, you’ll have at least one prospect interested.


Click the button below to register now.

I’ve done more today than I have in the last 6 months. I already have messages from prospects that I have to follow up with. (Sarah Ryatt)

Event FAQs

  •  Is this a live, in-person, or an online event?

My BYOB Online Workshops are held online via zoom webinar and are performed live, meaning you will be able to talk to me directly on the day of your workshop. 

  •  What time will the workshop start and end?

Each session is at a different time. Please convert to your local time and be sure to login at least 5 minutes early.

  •  Will recordings be offered?

Yes.  As a bonus for registering, you'll get a free life time recording that you can use over and over again even after the workshop is over

  •  What will I need for this workshop?

The workshop will be hosted in zoom webinars, so no special software is required.  You just need an internet connection and a fully charged prospecting device to access social media from, as we will be prospecting live.

  •  Can I have my team join me?

Absolutely! You'll want to have them in the same room however. We do ask that you not share the zoom link, as it's unique to you and will kick you off if another attendee joins from a different IP address.

  •  Who should attend?

 - Brand new people to Network Marketing that want to start their business right.

 - Parents who are struggling to build with the little time they have.

 - People who may have hit a plateau and are ready to break out.

 - People who have had some success and are looking to take things to a new level.

 - High level earners who want to sharpen their skills.

  •  What is the refund policy?

If you feel this event wasn't helpful for you, please let us know at support@mlmnation.com within 5 days following the webinar and we'll be happy to offer you a full refund.

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