Forget Taking Notes, 

You’re Going to Get Results Instead.

MLM Nation’s B.Y.O.B. Event is Unlike Any Training You’ve Been To

Let’s Prospect Together and Get Results Immediately

We don't focus on taking notes and more motivation… you don't need that.

We focus on learning how to effectively communicate and get a new customers or distributors instead!

Unlike most training events where you take tons of notes but don’t actually get any IMMEDIATE results,

you’re going to get results at MLM Nation’s BYOB Event.

And along the way, you’ll experience “Real Learning, by immersion” as Simon guides you on

what to say to prospects immediately as they're messaging you back.

Are You Ready to Prospect Together with Simon Chan?

Prospect Together With a Top Recruiter

Can I ask you a question?

Does Your Fear Of Saying the Wrong Things or Your Lack Of Time Hold You Back From Building Your MLM business online?

You love your products and believe in network marketing but somehow you struggle with consistency and never have enough time to focus on the income producing activities that’ll bring you new customers or new distributors.

And that’s not cool…

You also want your family and friends to take what you do seriously.

You want to have a positive impact in this world through your business.

And you want to prove to yourself that you can be successful.

But none of that seems to be happening for you right now...

And it’s frustrating, to say the least.

And especially so, since you’ve invested a lot of time and money into trainings to learn how this business works.

We've been there, and the great news is... you're so close! But what's missing?

The right help from the right mentor!

Simon Chan Will Prospect Together With You and Help You Build a Successful Business Online

  • You’ll have the courage to step outside your comfort zone as Simon guides you on exactly what to say
  • You’ll adopt time management hacks on your phone that will help you get more results in an hour than you’ve done in the last 6 months. 
  • You’ll meet at least 10 new prospects online 
  • check
    Friends that you haven’t heard from in months will message you back and become interested
  • check
    You’ll experience “Real Learning” as you learn more from the actual conversations that Simon will guide you through
  • check
    You’ll be proud to show the results that you have at the end of the day
  • check
    You’ll be fulfilled knowing that you can actually make the business work

Check Out the Results That BYOB Attendees Have Gotten

Who Is Simon Chan?

In 2013, after having built a 7 figure global network marketing business with over 80,000 distributors, Simon retired from building teams and set out to pursue his higher purpose... to have a positive impact as many lives as possible.

Today, Simon and his team are laser focused on helping you defeat overwhelm, create consistency and build a successful MLM business online.

His trainings are not based on just what he learned from building, but from over 500 conversations with full time top-earners in the network marketing profession.

But Simply Teach You Is NOT Enough

We all know there is “too much training” out there right now.

If more training was the answer, then you’ll be successful already.

Results and “real learning” comes from taking action and that is what makes MLM Nation’s B.Y.O.B. event so special…

At this all-day event, Simon actually prospects TOGETHER with you to make sure you are reaching out and messaging your prospects the right way.

You’re not just going to sit there and watch him talk…

Simon Chan

(Founder MLM Nation)

Instead, you’ll have your phone out and message prospects together with him.

If you’re stuck…

No worries. 

Simon will be right there to guide you on what to say and what to do next.

You’ll be prospecting together and... it's actually tons of fun!!

And yes… 

You’ll also actually “learn” more than you ever have by the real-time prospecting that Simon will do with you.

As for results?

We typically have attendees get more results just from the morning session than they have in the last 6 months!

But here’s the catch...

Because Simon will actually be prospecting TOGETHER with you, space is limited.

In fact, there are very limited tickets available. We want to keep the room small.

What this means for you is that, if you want to get results NOW

Then you have to take fast action fast and claim your ticket before the event sells out.

Pick Your City

  • San Antonio, US - Jan 19

Get your San Antonio B.Y.O.B. Workshop ticket here:

Only $75 USD

($100 at door)

Insider Members get 30% off

This event has ended


Saturday, January 19th

9am - 5pm


Doubletree by Hilton

San Antonio Airport

37 NE Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78216

Our Promise To You…

Overcoming procrastination and fear are difficult when you’re home prospecting by yourself.

That’s why you need someone like Simon to help you prospect.

When you prospect together with Simon, you’ll get results.

You’ll know exactly what to say and get the push from Simon to do what it takes to be successful.

And during this process, you experience “real learning” by taking action and prospecting together with Simon.

We’ve had so many success stories at our events that we will know you’ll be getting results too.

In fact, we promise that, by the end of the event, you’ll have at least one prospect interested to becoming a customer or join you as a distributor. Guaranteed.

Click the button below to get your ticket now.

Event FAQs

  •  Do I need a paper ticket or e-ticket to attend?

At MLM Nation, we believe in saving the trees and not complicating simple things. All you'll need at the registration table is your photo ID. If you're the recipient of a ticket from someone who bought multiple tickets, we'll just need to know their name at registration. 

  •   What time will the event start and end?

The event will be from 9am-5pm. Registration opens at 8am. 

  •   Will Livestream be offered?

Unfortunately not, which is why we're choosing to keep the pricing very minimal. We want everyone to be able to attend!

  • question-circle
     What do I wear?

This event is business casual attire. You will not be able to enter the event if you are wearing promo or logo gear representing your company.

  • question-circle
     Are children allowed in the event?

Absolutely! We do ask that you please be respectful of other attendees around you. 15 and under will be allowed in free with a paid adult. 16 and over will need to purchase a ticket to attend the event. Some of our locations will have a parents room, where your kids can entertain themselves while you build your business!

  • question-circle
     Can I record the event?

There will be no recording devices allowed at this event! Pictures are okay, but no Recording, no Facebook Live, no YouTube Live or any other type of video recording or social media Live video is allowed.

  • question-circle
     Who should attend?

 - Brand new people to Network Marketing that want to start their business right.

 - Parents who are struggling to build with the little time they have.

 - People who may have hit a plateau and are ready to break out.

 - People who have had some success and are looking to take things to a new level.

 - High level earners who want to sharpen their skills.

  • question-circle
     What is the ticket refund policy?

Refund Policy: Due to the nature of our live events and the commitment we make we cannot issue refunds on tickets sold, however you may elect to transfer your ticket to another person, no less than 7 days prior to the event. Just email from the email address of the original ticket holder and give us the new name and email of the new ticket holder.

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