7th Annual

Australia's #1 Network Marketing Training Event
August 24th - 25th, 2019
Brisbane, Australia

Topics covered at this year's event are sure to help you
Attract, Recruit and Duplicate Online Using the
10 Stages of Online Duplication

  • NO BS NO HYPE is the longest running and only generic network marketing training event in Australia
  • Learn how to use the latest Instagram and Facebook strategies to attract a constant supply of prospects
  • Discover how to craft perfectly curated content for your target market
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    Get instant results and feedback during our famous working sessions
  • check
    Hear the building strategies from numerous top earning Aussie leaders 

Aimee Buhagiar

"The value that I got from No BS No Hype was absolutely incredible and I’m encouraging you that if you’re serious about your business, this is an event that you can not miss. For me, it’s going to be non-negotiable for myself and for the team members that are serious. So if you’re thinking about attending, just do it!"

Allan Hilzinger

“I had a blast, not just speaking on stage but also sitting there in the audience listening to so many of the other top speakers and listening to Simon’s training! Some of the tips Simon gave were just magical and I can’t wait to implement them straight away. I know that many of our team that were there had a seriously awesome weekend and are raving about it and can’t wait to get back next year!”

Has Anyone Ever Told You:

"Network marketing doesn’t work!" OR  "You can’t build a business and raise a family! " OR  "It's not worth it?"

Well, we all know they’re wrong.  You’re born with unlimited potential and you have a strong purpose to make this business work.  And you will succeed in network marketing!

We all have limited time but fortunately social media has made building a successful MLM business easier and less time consuming.  This event is designed to help network marketers use social media platforms to grow a successful MLM business.  

Some of the most powerful leaders in Australia are eager to share with how they overcame their challenges, mastered their online skills and help you achieve the same success. 

Get Immediate Results at NO BS NO HYPE

Not only will you be equipped with the latest skills but you’ll get immediate results during this event.

NO BS NO HYPE is not about rah-rah inspiration and taking tons of notes... It's purely about practicality.

During this 2 day event, the entire 2nd day is dedicated to taking action on what you learned and building your business LIVE at the event.

You’ll get immediate results and at least 1 interested prospect for your business before you go home.

What Will I Learn?

Simon Chan and the top Australian MLM leaders will share their wisdom, tips, strategies and ideas they have used to achieve massive levels of success in Network Marketing.

  • How to create a bullet proof mindset that’ll help you overcome challenges and discouragement
  • Efficient ways to create compelling social media content
  • How to attract prospects using Instagram hashtags and Facebook groups
  • check
    Effective ways to approach prospects about your business without being pushy or salesy
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    How to effectively followup with your prospects using scripts from the 5 followup scenarios
  • How to close your prospects and get them to become a customer or team member
  • Simply ways to train your new reps so that duplication spreads in your organization
  • How to promote and leverage events to create team culture and duplication
  • check
    How to identify and train the new leaders in your organization
  • check
    How to create systems that build leverage and long term residual income

By the end of the event, you will have elevated your skill set, created a stronger and bigger vision, and strengthened your work ethic towards your business.

Keynote Speakers

Simon Chan

Simon Chan is widely considered one of the top business coaches, speakers and online marketers who helps people in network
marketing defeat overwhelm, become more consistent and create a successful MLM business online.

Simon is best known for his YouTube show ‘Simon Says’ and as host of the MLM Nation Podcast; the top network marketing podcast on iTunes.

Simon started  his network marketing career in 2003 and over the period of a few years, built a million dollar business with over 80,000 distributors by pioneering Online Duplication.

He retired from building sales organizations in 2013 and founded MLM Nation. Simon now spends his time as a full time husband, father, coach and trainer to Purpose Driven Network Marketers.

Kira Westwick

4 short years ago Kira Westwick was a stay at home mum, which she loved wholeheartedly, however after being at home and living in her comfort zone for eight years, she had lost her identity and self worth in the role of being ‘just a mum'.

Fast forward 4 years, through NWM she has found her confidence and voice again, stepped into her potential and and created a lifestyle of her dreams.

Kira won Australian Franchisee of the Year in 2016, and the coveted Directors Award in 2017. 

Her passion is helping women no matter their circumstance understand the important of having financial independence. Her greatest achievement of all is showing her 2 girls how you can be so much more than' just a mum', while helping so many other women rise up, find their voice and worth, without sacrificing time to raise their children.

Charlie and Annie Starky

Annie and Charlie Starky have been passionately Building their MLM business with the same company for just over 16 years and have assisted many leaders earn well over multiple 6 figure incomes.


Originally from an Outback Sheep and Cattle Station in Central Western Queensland, they came to the city, with their then young family, to seek business opportunities that could provide them with sustainable cash flow and work in an environment where they could have more control, unlike the land where weather and commodity prices are prevalent in determining success and outcomes. Working on the land taught them many disciplines and skills that they transferred into their Networking Business such as Discipline, Consistency, Determination and Focus.

They believe the key to success in MLM is creating powerful long term relationships with customers and marketers and to be always willing to serve everyone in the organization. 

The MLM Business opportunity in today’s online Social Media environment has opened up so many new doorways for relationships globally and when coupled with the technology of simple sharing the exponential growth is endless. They believe ‘Its all about making a difference globally by impacting Lives today’.

Bryan Marsh

Bryan Marsh grew up on the Gold Coast, Australia, spending the first 20 years of his professional career in IT and online marketing running his own company which he started at the age of 20.

Bryan joined Network Marketing just 3 years ago and within his first 8 months became a 6 figure earner and then multiple 6 figures within his first 12 months.

Bryan and his wife Fiona believe mums should have the choice to do mum care instead of daycare and that parents should have the choice to prioritize their own families vision instead of their employers.

Guest Speakers & Panelists

Lari Hilzinger

Lari Hilzinger is a wife and mum to two girls; Verona (age 10) and Hollie (age 8).  

In her network marketing career, Lari's been awarded many prestigious awards including the Global Spirit of 'their company' Award in 2015. Global Impact Award in 2016. Runner Up in ANZ Top Business Builder Award in 2016. They achieved Millionaire status with their company in October 2016. They have also won every company incentive trip since joining their NWM company in 2014.

Lari has an extensive business and international corporate training background, including spending 10 years in Japan. She holds the highest level recognition of Japanese proficiency as a foreigner and while she studied Japanese at University, she also has an undergraduate degree in Business/Public Relations and a post grad in teaching. She has also completed a masters in linguistics/translation.   While living in Japan, Lari worked as an Executive and Head of Human Resources training.  She then moved into corporate training on Cross Cultural communications and has worked for some of the biggest Multi-National corporations in the world including; Toyota, Yakult, Nikko, Cannon, and Japan Telecommunications to name just a few. 

Now, with her husband, they both work full time on their business and love everything about helping people with both their health and freedom. They both have a real passion for traveling the world and personal development. 

Justin Phillips and Nicole Dennis 

Justin and Nicole are often referred to as the dynamic duo. They first entered into network marketing in mid-2014 and were the first Australians to reach the highest rank in their company. They have created their life by design, allowing them to work from home or anywhere in the world! In 2018 they set out their goals and were able to further increase their residual, reproductive income by 80% in just 12 short months, with their team doing around $6million AUD in sales. 

Their passion is helping show others a clear path to create their own life by design and bring more fun and freedom to the world. They live on beautiful Bribie Island with their daughter Joy and 4 furry kids.

Anna Richards

Prior to joining network marketing at age 25, Anna had spent 4 years in Federal Politics, working for a Federal Member of Parliament. 

She was always looking for ‘another way’ however, by age 18 she had launched her first online business, an online dating platform for 18 – 30 year olds. By age 22 she had gotten her Bachelors Degree double majoring in Human Resources & Management, Minoring in Entrepreneurship, and by age 25 when she quit working for parliament, her boss at the time handed her “the 4 hour work week” and simply inscribed, “go and find what you’re looking for”. 

Then, at age 25 she found the other way – in Network Marketing. 

Within her first 3 months of saying Yes to her company, she ranked advanced herself to the top leadership level. At the 6 month mark, she rank advanced herself to a 6 figure a year residual income, and by the 12 month mark was earning a multiple six figure a year income (which she has earned ever since) and at month 16 she was also able to bring her husband Morgan home from his full time career as well. Fast forward 5 years, and she is recognised as a Millionaire in her company (cumulatively earning over $1 Million U.S, which she has built predominantly through social media), has been awarded almost every award her company can offer, she has spoken on stage at events with audiences from 600 to 6,000 with global leaders like Mike Dooley, David Wood & Lisa Nichols, spent time being trained on Jack Canfields private island and grown a network marketing team to over 20,000 strong. 

More recently she has become a finalist for her companies highest award for transformation and also took out the highest business award in her company with her husband – the Presidents Award.

She has won over 9 incentive trips and had the prestigious honour of sitting on the Field Advisory Board for just over 2 years. 

Lorien Cameron

Lorien Cameron grew up in Byron Bay, Australia. He didn’t finish high school and was a homeless youth who made a decision to change his life & defied the odds. A true example that your past does not determine your future.

He became a personal trainer & martial arts expert before he encountered network marketing. It took Lorien just 15 months to reach the top level of his company & now multiple 6 figure income earner.

Lorien currently lives in Gold Coast, Australia where its his passion and purpose to have global impact by empowering everyday people to live purpose driven & fulfilling lives on their terms.

He is a father, a surfer and truly believes you have the power to create your destiny, you just have to make a decision to go for it.

Josie Tong

The remarkable Josie Tong has been in Network marketing for almost ten years and loving it! She is a mum of 2 teenage girls and is a much loved and respected leader and mentor to many.

Josie was a burnt out nursing executive. After working 50-70 hours a week for seventeen years, Josie found herself on the verge of self-destruction. So, she quit her job with no plans ahead. Two years later, she was introduced to her current company and joined before the presentation was even over. 

Josie now has a massive global team and customers in  over 8 countries. Her biggest regret in life is missing out on being ‘present’ when her kids were growing up, but  she has given back to them big time by traveling the world with them, and giving them the best opportunities for personal development while being around positive people. Her passion is in helping others grow through training, personal development and understanding the massive opportunity they hold with Network Marketing.

2019's NO BS EMCEE
Kristine Drummond

Kristine Drummond is a proud and dedicated Network Marketer who believes that this profession can unlock people’s true potential and empower them to live a more inspired life.

Since starting her MLM journey in 2012 Kristine has reached the top position in her company, is a six figure earner and has been recognized as a company leader in Australia and internationally. Her commitment to changing lives and inspiring her team to be out loud and proud about this career choice whilst brining fun and energy to everything she does is what makes her unique.

Kristine grew up in the country however now lives on the Gold Coast, Australia with her partner Tom and their 2 kids, Summer and Archer. Its Kristine’s mission in life to leave a legacy for her children by demonstrating the importance of following your dreams so it gives them permission to do the same.

What To Expect?

Network with Industry Leaders

You’ll get to mix and mingle with successful leaders in network marketing and develop lifelong friendships.

Learn the Secrets

Find out how the top earners in network marketing made it to the top.  Receive step by step training on how to replicate their success.

Get Ready To Work!

You’ll get to apply immediately what you learned in our working sessions and grow your business online.  Bring your phone chargers and extra batteries because Simon Chan will make you work work work! 

Have Fun!

It’ll be a fun and relaxed atmosphere where we’re all going to have a ton of fun.

Safe Unbiased Environment

This even is a strict NO RECRUITING zone and will be delivered in a safe and comfortable setting.  We want this event to be a safe place for you and your team to come.  Any violators will be immediately asked to leave with no exceptions.

Tickets are limited. the experience is not. 

General Admission

Enjoy full access to the 2-day event at a minimal investment.


297.00 USD

VIP Admission

treat yourself to a no bS exclusive VIP experience.

  • Preferred upfront classroom style seating
  • 2 fully catered VIP Lunches
  • Priority Registration and Admittance
  • Private Meet & Greet With Speakers
  • Event Workbook


497.00 USD


Location & Hotel
hotel grand chancellor brisbane
23 Leichhardt St, Brisbane City QLD 4000

Frequently asked questions

Q: Are children allowed in the event?
A: 16 and under will be allowed in free to the General Admission section only with a paid adult. We do ask that you please be respectful of other attendees around you. 17 and over will need to purchase a ticket to attend the event.

Q: What do I wear?
A: This event is business casual attire. You will not be able to enter the event if you are wearing promo or logo gear representing your company. Dressing in layers is advised as the room may be cold at times.

Q: Can I record the event?
A: There will be no recording devices allowed at this event! Pictures are okay, but No Recording, no Facebook Live, no YouTube Live or any other type of video recording or social media Live video is allowed.

Q: When should I arrive at the event?
A: When booking your flights, we suggest you arrive on August 23rd and leave on the 26th. A more detailed schedule will be available shortly.

Q: What are registration and event times?
A: Registration opens at 7am. Doors will open at 8:45am and event times are from 9am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday.

Q: Do you have an event guarantee?
A: We pride ourselves on providing the best speakers, panels, and training during No BS No HYPE. Because of this, we encourage you to fully immerse yourself in this extraordinary event. Soak up the skills and strategies that will help you build a successful business and spend time sharing your ideas, passions, wisdom, and expertise with fellow attendees.
If, at any time before the end of the lunch break on Day 1, you don’t feel you can benefit from the training and proximity to leaders that No BS No HYPE provides, simply come to the Resource Table, hand in your badge, wristband, and event workbook, and I will refund the FULL price of your event ticket. No hard feelings and we will part as friends. Then, feel free to enjoy the remainder of your stay … Brisbane has a lot to explore.

Q: What is the ticket refund policy?
A: Due to the nature of our live events and the commitment we make we cannot issue refunds on tickets sold, however you may elect to transfer your ticket to another person, no less than 30 days prior to the event.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary training event.