Defeat Overwhelm and Get Quicker Results

Enroll Your Next Customer or Team Member with this Simple
DMO Checklist

As a network marketer...

You should be recruiting and growing your business everyday

But if you’re like most people we know, 

you’re probably feeling scared, overwhelmed, frustrated

and discouraged by the immense amount of trainings and different strategies out there


Success is actually pretty simple

All you have to do is focus on THE DMO checklist 

With this Checklist, You'll Get...

A Proven Step-By-Step ProcessFor Building Your Business

Carry It With You - We Made This Tool Compatible To Fit Your Phone's Wallpaper For Your Screen. 

A Breakdown Of Your Daily Activities

(3 - 5 - 5 - 5 - 3)

The Most Up To Date Daily System Working Right Now

How People are Getting Results

About MLM Nation and Simon Chan

Simon Chan Consistency Coach

Simon Chan is a Consistency Coach, speaker and author of the Amazon best seller, The Consistency Pill and the founder of MLM Nation.

He coaches salespeople and entrepreneurs on how to defeat overwhelm, stay consistent and build a successful business online using a Simple System.

Simon is best known as the host of MLM Nation Podcast; the #1 network marketing podcast that features in-depth interviews with over 800 top income earners.

Simon started as an entrepreneur in 2003 and built a 7 figure direct selling business with over 200,000 distributors. He retired from building in 2013 to be a full time business coach.

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