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Cold Market Recruiting Strategies by 7 Figure Earners

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are you tired of not having good prospects to talk to?

You’ve ran out of people to talk to... Your warm market avoids you... or they're waiting for you to be successful first. And the few people you’ve met online don’t respond back to your messages. The reality is, unless you have good prospects, you’ll never be able to recruit a person and become successful.


So... What do the top leaders do that you’re not doing? What’s their Secret? Have you noticed that the top earners in your company are almost always top recruiters as well?! How do they do it? How are they so successful? How do they seem to never run out of prospects?

We realized this problem and wanted to really lift up this profession and do something about it...​​​​​

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inside you'll discover...

  • 35 Value Packed Conversations from 7-Figure Earners
  • Downloadable Audio mp3s - So you can listen on the go
  • ​​​The first steps you must do before you recruit anyone online
  • The best places on social media to find prospects
  • The best local areas to find good prospects in your community
  • The proper approach that will attract strangers to you
  • ​and much more...

Meet Your Coach

Simon Chan

After having built a 7 figure network marketing business with over 200,000 global distributors, Simon retired in 2013 and set out to pursue his higher purpose... to have a positive impact as many lives as possible.

Today, Simon and the team at MLM Nation are laser focused on helping you defeat overwhelm, create consistency and build a successful business online. His trainings are not based on just what he learned from building, but from over 500 conversations with full time top-earners in the network marketing profession.

Simon put together Cold Market Recruiting Strategies after hearing over and over again from Network Marketers all over the world, their #1 obstacle is their lack of good people to talk to.

We know these hand selected conversations with 7 figure earners will sharpen your mindset and give you the confidence to know that you too have what it takes to be successful!  

Cold Market Recruiting Strategies is for YOU if…

  • You THINK you ran out of prospects to talk to
  • You fail to get more than 3 presentations done each week
  • You procrastinate due to the fear of rejection
  • Your close friends and “warm market” avoid you because you’ve followed up with them too often
  • ​You’re not getting the results you want online
  • ​You don’t want to quit but it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel from your lack of results

35 Million Dollar Earners Reveal Their Cold Market Secrets

In this video series, Simon collected the insights of 35 Million Dollar Annual Earners who share their Cold Market Recruiting Strategies, and put them in One CONVENIENT RESOURCE for you. No need to comb through over 500 interviews.


What Makes This Course Different?


Each of these strategies work because they’re being used and tested in present time. Unlike many training products or gurus, these leaders are NOT trainers who have retired... Each of these leaders are actively building their business TODAY... as in RIGHT NOW! All 7 figure earners represent different products and services, proving these strategies work regardless of what product and company you’re with.

Special Offer! Enroll Now And Save Over 80%!  Normally $47 , Now Only $7!




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Special Offer! Enroll Now And Save Over 80%!  Normally $47 , Now Only $7!

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